Fun, authentic speaking & listening 

    opportunities for Spanish & English

    language students



    Accepting group sign-ups for 2017


  • Students enjoy live one-on-one video conversation with people who grew up speaking their target language

    Boomalang makes it easy to connect with native speakers around the world who share interests and are seeking immersive conversation.

  • With Boomalang, students receive guided, engaging interactions with native speakers to master conversation skills

    Boomalang App Features

    High-Quality Users

    Through our verified student system and team of Featured Speakers, we curate a productive and friendly community.

    Boomalang App Features

    Connect with Ease and Choice

    Follow other Boomalang users in the network


    Receive alerts when your follows are available


    Join "Block Parties" every Monday/Thursday at 8pm EST


    Leverage reservations with Featured Speakers

  • "Talk to Strangers"

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  • FAQ

    Q: Is Boomalang free?

    Free for educators. A base of 25 USD/semester (5 months) for students. Schedule a free demo to hear more. International pricing may vary.

    Q: Are languages other than Spanish or English available?

    Not yet. We’re eager to add other languages in the future. Spanish/English is our first sweet spot.

    Q: Is Boomalang useful for total beginners?

    To get the most out of our experience, ideally learners will have at least basic familiarity (i.e. Novice Mid sublevel) with the target language. Our true superpower is helping transform basic language into something that can actually be used when traveling, studying, working, etc. The earlier speaking immersion begins, though, the better.

    Q: Rather than video chats, text messages be sent to Boomalang conversation partners?

    Nope, we didn't include the option. You’re here to improve speaking and listening skills. Fact: Texting doesn’t make anyone a more comfortable speaker.

    Q: How easily can I integrate Boomalang into my class?

    Extremely easily. It can require virtually zero change to your lesson planning, and you have easy access to your students' usage. To schedule a quick demo and hear about our speaking guarantee, click the button below.