• authentic, cultural conversations with TRAINED native SPEAKERS

    Spanish & FRENCH

    For beginner, intermediate & advanced classes

  • Boost student confidence, motivation and intercultural competence

    It's impossible to provide your students with one-on-one conversations in-class with native speakers their age.


    Our trained international team + leading video platform are here to help.

  • Who are the native speakers?

    In partnership with schools and institutes across the globe, we hire and train engaging, talented, reliable speakers.


    They lead 1-on-1 conversations over video.


    "I felt like I was talking to a friend. She made sure I understood everything she was saying. I get very nervous speaking in Spanish but she made me feel very comfortable."


    "She was very patient. I asked "que" about 100 times and she was willing to repeat herself when I needed. It was great exposure with a native speaker which I don't think I have ever experienced."

  • How do the conversations work?

    Conversations balance speaking & listening, with patience and encouragement from the native speakers.

    Boomalang App Features

    1) Student reserves 15-min. (or 30-min.) with speaker

    2) Student + educator include conversation topics (optional)

    3) Student + native speaker log in and complete conversation outside of class in target language

    *Educator dashboard allows for tracking progress and reviewing recordings

  • Dr. Harrison Meadows, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    "Incorporating Boomalang into my course was such a simple process; it was one of the rare instances when using new technology in a class didn't require any troubleshooting. I really appreciated how quickly and easily students were able to start using Boomalang."

    Nohelia Rojas-Miesse, Miami (OH) University:

    "Using Boomalang has given my intermediate level students the opportunity to put in practice the language skills they have acquired in the classroom. For most of my students this is the first time they have had a real and meaningful conversation with a native speaker outside the classroom. This experience has increased their self confidence and has demonstrated that they can indeed communicate. As a result, my students are more motivated to work harder in the classroom."

    Dr. Pilar Munday, Sacred Heart University:

    "My students loved using Boomalang, as expressed in their course evaluations. They enjoyed 'normal conversations' with native speakers while learning about their lives and culture. It clearly improved their Spanish and helped them become more proficient and lose the fear of speaking. As a professor, it is wonderful to see students enjoying their conversations while learning so much."

    Sonia Montero-Gálvez, Columbia University:

    "My students and I are enjoying so much the conversations in Boomalang! I truly believe that it's a great way to improve their oral skills in Spanish, to raise their awareness of their communicative abilities, to make them feel more confident and to motivate and encourage them to use the language more often. Furthermore, it is very helpful to me, because I can learn a lot about their needs and the ways to meet them."

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    Q: What is the cost?

    A 15-min. conversation = 1 credit (A 30-min. conversation = 2 credits)

    2 credits: $16

    4 credits: $30

    6 credits: $40

    8 credits: $46*

    *Additional savings available for more than 8 credits

    Q: Is Boomalang right for me/my classes?

    Our team coaches learners from Novice Low to Advanced High. Provide your own discussion topics or let our team of speakers identify focus points relevant to each student.

    Q: Are languages other than Spanish & French available?

    Coming soon. Enter your name and email below to stay in the loop.

    Q: How easily can I integrate Boomalang into my class?

    Extremely. It can require virtually no change to your lesson planning. Click below to schedule your free 15-min. demo.

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