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  • Students enjoy live, one-on-one video conversation with people who grew up speaking their target language

    Using Boomalang, students can increase by more than 3x their time speaking the target language

  • Who are the native speakers?

    ...and how do the conversations work?

    Boomalang App Features

    Trained Millennial Speakers

    Across the Americas, we've hired the most engaging, patient millennial conversationalists.


    Their backgrounds, cultures, interests vary. Students get to read about this when choosing a conversation to schedule.

    Boomalang App Features

    Who's Using Us?

    Belmont University

    Boston College


    Duke University

    Denison University

    Miami of OH

    UT-Knoxville ...and more

    (Ask about satisfaction from Middle/High Schools, too.)



  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions - For others, contact us!

    Q: What is the cost?

    It depends the class size and needs, but as low as $25/student a semester. Call +1 (336) 817-7709 or schedule a free demo below to receive a quote.

    Q: Are languages other than Spanish or English available?

    Not yet. We’re eager to add other languages in the future. Spanish/English is our first sweet spot.

    Q: Is Boomalang right for me/my class?

    To get the most out of our experience, ideal learners will have at least basic familiarity (i.e. Novice Mid sublevel) in the target language. Our true superpower is helping transform basic language into something that can actually be applied traveling, studying, working, etc. That said, we've enjoyed serving students across the K-16 spectrum.

    Q: How easily can I integrate Boomalang into my class?

    Extremely easily. It can require virtually no change to your lesson planning, and you have easy access to your students' usage. To schedule a quick demo and hear about our speaking guarantee, click the button below.

  • "Start Speaking"

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