• authentic, cultural conversations

    with TRAINED native SPEAKERS
    Spanish | FRENCH | Portuguese | ESL | German | Italian

  • Boost student intercultural competence, CONFIDENCE and proficiency

    Serving beginner-to-advanced classes in high schools, universities and community colleges

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    "I liked the diversity that Boomalang exposed me to, both in aspects of personalities and to speaking styles, accents."

    - Student, Miami University (OH)


    "It definitely boosted my confidence. I wish I could participate in these chats all the time! My chat was over an hour ago and I'm still beaming about it."

    - Kathryn, HS student, Ohio

    "Boomalang is a wonderful tool, and I think that it's the perfect complement for teaching languages. It gives students the opportunity to get to know real culture in real time." -Dr. Moreno Palmero, Harvard University

    "I am very shy and not sure of my ability to speak Spanish. But being understood by native speakers and being supported during each conversation was extremely encouraging. I decided to minor in Spanish because I know I can be better and I am capable of learning to speak more seamlessly."

    - Student, Kalamazoo Valley CC



  • How Do the conversations Work?

    A Balance of Speaking & Listening in the Target Language



    Student selects 15-min. from a speaker's calendar (or 30-min,)



    Outside of class, student and speaker log-in to complete video conversation, influenced by "Discussion Topics" entered by instructor, along with student's interests



    Student and instructor can listen to the audio recording

  • About us

    Boomalang is a conversation platform and international team of native speakers, trained to guide 15-min. and 30-min. conversations in Spanish, French, Portuguese, ESL, German and Italian. Serving 100+ universities and schools each semester, Boomalang provides educators a way to integrate authentic, one-on-one immersive experiences for students in beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. (Seriously, even novice lows...)


    Founded in 2014, Boomalang is one of the fastest-growing language learning platforms. Educators cite Boomalang as the ideal bridge between the classroom and total immersion; often, the Boomalang native speaker is the first with whom the student has ever spoken. Many of the innovative educators Boomalang serves have presented their results at conferences such as ACTFL, NECTFL and AATSP, as well as IB workshops--you might find our team behind a booth too!


    Boomalang ensures valuable conversations through the hiring and training of speakers from referral partner universities and language institutes. We recruit and empower ambitious young professionals across the globe for part-time, flexible hours. Our partnerships began in Venezuela but today, speakers represent over 20 countries across the world. While geographically dispersed, you'd be hard-pressed to find a closer group.


    What would you do with access to a team of native speakers? Let us know. It can take less than 10 minutes to get you and your classes completely set up.

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    Born in Nashville, TN and Mérida, VE, Boomalang is supported by Amazon Web Service's EdStart and NYU’s StartEd.

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  • Dr. Harrison Meadows, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    "Incorporating Boomalang into my course was such a simple process; it was one of the rare instances when using new technology in a class didn't require any troubleshooting. I really appreciated how quickly and easily students were able to start using Boomalang."

    Nohelia Rojas-Miesse, Miami (OH) University:

    "Using Boomalang has given my intermediate level students the opportunity to put in practice the language skills they have acquired in the classroom. For most of my students this is the first time they have had a real and meaningful conversation with a native speaker outside the classroom. This experience has increased their self confidence and has demonstrated that they can indeed communicate. As a result, my students are more motivated to work harder in the classroom."

    Dr. Pilar Munday, Sacred Heart University:

    "My students loved using Boomalang, as expressed in their course evaluations. They enjoyed 'normal conversations' with native speakers while learning about their lives and culture. It clearly improved their Spanish and helped them become more proficient and lose the fear of speaking. As a professor, it is wonderful to see students enjoying their conversations while learning so much."

    Sonia Montero-Gálvez, Columbia University:

    "My students and I are enjoying so much the conversations in Boomalang! I truly believe that it's a great way to improve their oral skills in Spanish, to raise their awareness of their communicative abilities, to make them feel more confident and to motivate and encourage them to use the language more often. Furthermore, it is very helpful to me, because I can learn a lot about their needs and the ways to meet them."

  • Blog

    Ideas and reflections from the Boomalang community of educators, students, speakers

  • FAQ

    For more information, contact us or call (615) 797-8479

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    Q: What is the cost?

    15-min. conversations:

    2: $19 ($9.50/conversation)

    3: $26 ($8.67/conversation)

    4: $32 ($8.00/conversation)

    5: $39 ($7.80/conversation)

    6: $45 ($7.50/conversation)

    7: $50 ($7.14/conversation)

    8+: $6.50/conversation


    30-min. conversations:

    $13/conversation (for intermediate high+)

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    Q: Is Boomalang right for me/my classes?

    We have the most experience with beginner-intermediate students, yet our team works with learners all through advanced high.

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    Q: Which languages are available?

    Spanish, French, Portuguese, ESL, German, Italian.

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    Q: How easily can I integrate Boomalang into my class?

    Extremely. View our blog above to hear how others have, and schedule your free 15-min. demo below. Or just chat us in the orange bubble in the corner of your screen. Payment can come from school licenses, student-pay, campus bookstore, or combined methods.